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Eccl 12:1 “Remember now your Creator …” – Have you done so?

“Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth, Before the difficult days come, And the years draw near when you say, “I have no pleasure in them”. ‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭12:1‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

King Solomon’s exhortation is to seek God our Creator when we are young. He added that we should do so before the difficult years of our life dawn upon us. He reminds us that we will have “ pleasure” in those days. 

Most of us will find pleasure in our days of youth. We love almost any activity that stimulates our minds & bodies. But we will also find ourselves constantly hungering for newer or varying forms of activities because the existing forms give diminishing satisfaction. And we will soon realise that any form of earthly pleasure is simply temporal in nature.  

Hence, the wise Solomon tells us that when we are young, we ought to learn to find our pleasure in seeking, knowing and enjoying God’s presence with us. This is the joy & pleasure that will stay with us regardless of our physical well-being – even when the difficult days come. And when those days eventually dawn upon us, we will not regret that we have no pleasure in them because we will have a much better & lasting pleasure that we discovered in the days of our youth. 

This requires us to recalibrate our priorities in life. “Remember now your Creator…”. Be wise and do so now.