Judges 1:27 – Driving sin out from your life….

Judges 1:27 “Manasseh did not drive out the inhabitants of Beth-shean and its villages…”

What is the result of not driving out the inhabitants of the land? The Israelites end up living in close proximity to pagan influences and practices. The people spent time interacting and getting influenced by a culture that they were told to drive out. Soon, they even inter-married and started worshipping pagan idols. It started with a seemingly harmless situation. But soon it became a disaster for Israel.

Is that the situation in your life? Perhaps a little sin was left lingering. And soon, it took control of every part of your life, one sin led to another. Beware that large compromises often start as little excuses. A forest fire starts as a spark. Therefore, remember! A little sin is NOT ok! Drive it out before it leads to your destruction.

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